Duke Drastic: Last Man in Space "Issue Zero"

"Duke Drastic: Last Man in Space 'Issue Zero'" (September 2011)
 First printing: 50 8.5" x 11" Black and White hand-signed/numbered copies.
Produced in a week to sell at the 2011 Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE).
I had originally posted this on wordpress, but wordpress changed their format for viewing image files making this almost impossible to read online.  I was not crazy about the quality of the first printing (black and white did not agree with all the gray tones I used), so I still feel like this is the best way to view this comic.  Feel free to download the full sized images and read them on your computer if that works better for you.

I am thinking of working up another run of this book at mini-comic size (5.5" x 8.5) for the 2012 Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo.  I am currently working on the full-length follow up story: "Duke Drastic: Hole in the Sky" and that will also be available by then.  The online version of "DD:HITS" will be posted here when it is finished (Spring 2012).

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