The Monster

"The Monster" (April 2014)
12”x18” Ink, Pencil, Gouache, Thread, Acrylic, and Photoshop


The Wild Hunt

"The Wild Hunt" (April 2014)
12"x18" Mixed Media and Photoshop


Fog Cutter

"Fog Cutter" (April 2014)
12"x18" Ink, Pencil, Gouache, and Photoshop

12"x18" High Quality prints of this piece are available in my etsy shop (


I just finished up this album cover for Boston based musician Scorpia. I did a bunch of photography and other experiments for her, and had freedom to do whatever I wanted for the cover. That sort of freedom can be a blessing and a curse sometimes, but it was a fun project to work on as I’ve been spending so much time and energy on school work.

The Hag

"The Hag" (April 2014)
12” x 18” Ink, Acrylic, Gouache, and Photoshop


"Berserker" (April 2014)
8” x 10” pencil, ink, gouache, acrylic, and photoshop

Insult to Injury

"Insult to Injury" (March 2014)
9” x 12” x 2” Mixed Media on textured canvas