Plague Nurse

"Plague Nurse" (April 2013)
7" x 10" Ink and Photoshop



"Luna" (April 2013)
9" x 15" Ink on Watercolor Paper


Chief of Staff 2.0

"Chief of Staff 2.0" (April 2013)
11" x 17" Ink and Photoshop

I updated the Chief of Staff design from The Red Masks. I will have 11" x 17" prints of this available at Boston Comiccon. I'm working up a new Red Masks design as well, but I have been updating the early Red Masks drawings I did to fit with the look of the comic that I am working on.


3D Dementia Illustration


"Dementia" (April 2013)
9" x 15" x 5" Mixed Media Sculpture

This was an assignment for my Experimental Illustration class.  We had to produce a 3D Illustration based on a set theme.  The theme I chose was Dementia.  Focusing more on the confusion and loss of function associated with Dementia, I decided to personify it with a forgotten piece of machinery. 


That Old Evil Spirit

"That Old Evil Spirit" (April 2013)
16" x 20" 2 color screen print and gouache on Maple board.

This is the first finished piece for my thesis project. I have never worked with screenprinting and paint together on an illustration. It was a great learning experience, and is something that I will definitely keep moving forward with.

Witch Hunt

"Witch Hunt" (April 2013)
8" x 10" 2 color screen print on Birch panel