Other places to view my art

I have been building even more of an internet presence as of late.  Here is the rundown of places that you can see my art/sketches/wip shots/etc... 

I am also on instagram under the name workweak  I post a lot of sketches and work in progress shots on instagram.  It's probably the one place that will have work that I will not post here or on the other pages listed above.

I'm also interested to see what you people are up to.  Shoot me a link to where I can see any art/hear any music that you folks have been working on.

Peep Show

“Peep Show” (August 2012)
11” x 14” Acrylic and Collage on Wood Panel

The Exorcist

"The Exorcist" (August 2012)
9" x 12" Ink on Bristol

The Man with No Name

"The Man with No Name" (August 2012)
6" x 12" Ink and Photoshop


"Skeksis" (August 2012)
9" x 12" Ink on Bristol


"Nosferatu" (August 2012)
9" x 12" Ink on Bristol

The Seventh Seal

"The Seventh Seal" (August 2012)
11" x 14" Sumi Ink and White Ink on Bristol

Lost in Space

"Lost in Space" (August 2012)
11" x 14" Ink and Photoshop